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Google Analytics – The Best Free Analytics Tool

Google Analytics – The Best Free Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is a service from Google, which enable website owners track traffic coming to their website. Google Analytics shows the following information about a website in detail:

  • How many pages have been viewed?
  • How many pages have been viewed per visit?
  • How many visits the web page had?
  • An average time spent on website?
  • And more…

To get all above state info, one needs to include a small piece of code in the source code of the website inside the head section and tie it up with analytics account.

The google analytic service allows to predict the traffic sources and determine the areas where visitors went most. It is sensible to conduct a monthly review on analytics to discuss how one can make changes to increase the traffic where the traffic is coming from.

Some of the biggest advantages of using Google Analytics are:

  • Google analytics is helpful in increasing the Return On Investment (ROI): It shows important parameters by the virtue of which one can determine what to do with ads which are not returning business.
  • Ability to find out how visitors are locating website: Other than the core set of keywords that are used for optimizing, one can also find keywords visitors typein, to locate website.
  • Ablity to identify which pages and links visitors click the most: Google Analytics helps in identifying pages and links being most clicked.
  • Ability to fine tune the website. With analytics report, one can fine-tune his website to get maximum return on investment.

ROI also depends upon how Google Analytics avails data, if the data given is one day older, lot of time is already gone which could have been utilized in determining actions needed to be done against ads which were not returning business. On the contrary, if the data is up-to-date, one can immediately change ads in real-time to get maximum returns.

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