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Sansoft Web Analysis Tool – SEO

Sansoft Web Analysis Tool – SEO

As you all know it is important to have your business website listed on 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing including other top search engines. Also, the SEO company is looking for many new trends to make their client’s website search engine friendly so as to bring more amount of traffic and generate more number of leads.

Sansoft Web Analysis Tool is one such online SEO tool that provides the detailed reports about the current situation of clients website on search engines. Being committed to success in online business arena, Sansoft has added the industry proven features in this in-house tool.

Following are the features of Sansoft Web Analysis Tool and what role they play:

Doc Type AnalysisCorrect Doc Type declaration is very important mainly because it tells search engine about the type of the page.

Title of the PageThe title tag has become the most important tags in a page. The title gives details about the contents of the page and the search engines make use of it in a great deal to determine relevance to a search query.

Meta tagsTags like description, keywords, etc. are meta tags. These meta tags provides information about the website to the search engines. Though meta tags are not of much importance in major search engines, but many small search engine still gives importance to these tags.

Code to Text RatioThis is basically the ratio of readable text as compare to codes (Ex: HTML, PHP etc). Search Engine likes more text and hence this ratio should be more for better search engine ranking. Therefore it is necessary to include contents in your website.

Heading tagsHeader tags (H1, H2, H3…) are the most important SEO component that should be use in order to get better SERPs (search engine result pages). Using Heading tags, tells the search engine what “words” are important in the context of your page. Search Engines still give decent value to the Header tags and having the target keywords or keypharse in them can do a lot of good.

BoldAnother important text after Heading Tags is Bold tag. Same as heading tags it specifies the importance of the “words” to search engines.

JavaScript & CSSSearch engines don’t like heavy JavaScript and CSS codes. Heavy presence of JavaScript & CSS makes the web page non-search engine friendly.

Frame & Flash: Search engine cannot read the text if it is written in frames or flash movie.

Sitemap: A sitemap is important for each and every web site to keep the site linked well. Each page should at least be linked to the sitemap. A good site infrastructure allows the search engine spiders to crawl the entire site and therefore ensure all pages of the site are present in the indexes of the major search engines.

Robot.txt: When a search engine crawler visits your site, it will look for robots.txt. This file tells the search engine spider which web pages of your site should be indexed and which web pages should be ignored. The robots.txt file is a simple text file (no HTML) that should be placed in root directory.

Images: Search Engine cannot read images and so alt tags are the medium to tell search engine about various images in the web page.

These factors are vitally important for better search engine optimization of any website.

The SEO professionals at Sansoft first understands clients business priorities and then proceed for optimizing the website according to the search engine algorithm. Using our superior internet marketing technology, we help to bring qualified visitors to our client’s website.

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