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SEO 2017 – Guaranteed Ways to Survive Search Engines In the Coming Year

SEO 2017 – Guaranteed Ways to Survive Search Engines In the Coming Year

So we are already two months in 2012 and we have observed many websites still hurting from the last years Google Panda Algorithm. We at Sansoft keep a track of what is going on in the internet marketing world rather keenly. We have observed that Google and other search engines have made more changes in the last two years than ever. Especially the Panda update has hurt rankings of many websites. After assessing our experiences with many sites and watching the so called experts blab same thing over and over on exorbitantly priced webinars we have some solid suggestions for SEO 2012.

Goals of Google’s Panda update:

  • Reduce the rankings of websites that Google thinks are low quality
  • Give better and quicker answers to users search keywords
  • Bring better quality websites to rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Apart from Panda update, other Google updates (May Day and Above The Fold) also have similar objectives. Panda update basically penalized the websites that did not have freshness.

(Sansoft Suggests)

Thus, one way to survive the Panda update onslaught is to keep updating the website with high quality content from time to time. (Yes! Get a Copywriter/Content Writer fast) Fresh content is the future of search as well as the overall internet marketing.

“Content is the king” is a fundamental SEO Axiom and it holds true even today. So, post periodical blogs, update product descriptions, categorize well and do not ignore the Symantec keywords.

Now let us move to May Day update. This algorithm basically performs quality assessment of the website for long tail search queries. Now this essentially brings us to the fundamentals of the SEO.

(Sansoft Suggests)

Get your Title tags, Meta tags, H tags, Alt tags in place. Have user friendly navigation with appropriate sidebars and contextual footers etc. Make your website easier to crawl and Most Importantly Keep the sitemaps updated.

Our team of experts (basically geeks) keeps a tab on these trends and we make the changes that keep our clients happy with the results. We shall address more surviving search engine strategies in our forthcoming posts.

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