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Tips For Forum Management

Tips For Forum Management

Forums are platform of social interaction for brand. The idea of forums is to indulge a topic in Q-A form to keep it alive and regular. The consumers are free to ask questions and take information from a company by communicating over uniform open platform.

Many people claim that blogs are more important than forums. There are many others too who claim that forums are more reliable. While there are conflicts in the opinion, both the aspects are vital for effective SEO management. Both are social media avenues to E-branding and both provides successful paths to better website management.

Professional blogs are maintained by company as a constant marketing presence to the consumers. Product updates, industry news, current events etc. are in fact the best means which can be used to provide back-links to original website. They have a threefold approach to help boost the online presence.

Our Forum Management services allows you to:

  • Create multiple community and group forums.
  • Search forums and thread content.
  • View, edit or delete threads.
  • Lock specific forums to member-only access.
  • Lock specific forums to read-only access.
  • Assign specific members as forum moderators.
  • Create automated forum digests that email members updates.
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