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Why you need a SEO audit for your business website?

Why you need a SEO audit for your business website?

The SEO ReportJust as we undertake financial audit at the end of year, it is advisable to take a stock of our Internet Marketing efforts and calculate how much (money, resources and man hours) have gone in doing what activity and what is the outcome. Did it serve the purpose of undertaking the entire campaign? All these questions can be answered with an effective and meticulous SEO Audit.

A well done SEO audit brings forth lot of facts and data. For many people this data means nothing but just numbers and charts hence it needs to be presented in an easily understandable format. It can provide valuable and penetrative insights about the functioning of the website and user response to the changes in the online world. Precious business intelligence can be derived from the interpretation of the insights provided by an SEO Audit.
It needs to be understood that SEO audit is a complex and intensive undertaking which obviously goes beyond number of hits on the website or amount of traffic that shows on the analytics. At SANSOFT our team of experts checks as to where each click came from and how much percentage of the overall traffic was truly useful for the business. How much traffic converted to leads and how many leads lead to conversion? What exactly are the loose spots, which resulted in filtering of the other traffic? We also analyze where your marketing efforts stand as compared to your competition. We can quickly unearth what strategy of your competitor is undermining your marketing efforts. We also determine out if your marketing efforts are affecting the target audience in the designated demographic.

A good SEO audit verifies nearly 40 different onsite and offsite parameters which includes but not limited to the following:

Design variations, user experience of the current web template, browser compatibility, content freshness, appropriate targeting of generic and long tail keywords, navigation issues, link statistics, broken links, website structure, marketing score, meta data, readability, visual appeal, W3C compliance, current search placement, social media exposure and many more technical as well as non technical parameters.

We use state of the art high end technical tools as well as statistical analytics softwares and generate comprehensible report with predictive analytic suggestions for improvement. If you are a business and want to see where your website does stand in the World Wide Web, ask us for a SEO Audit report.

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