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SEO 2015 – Sure Shot Ways to Survive Search Engines In the Coming Year

So we are already two months in 2012 and we have observed many websites still hurting from the last years Google Panda Algorithm. We at Sansoft keep a track of what is going on in the internet marketing world rather keenly. We have observed that Google and other search engines have made more changes in […]

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Why you need a SEO audit for your business website?

Just as we undertake financial audit at the end of year, it is advisable to take a stock of our Internet Marketing efforts and calculate how much (money, resources and man hours) have gone in doing what activity and what is the outcome. Did it serve the purpose of undertaking the entire campaign? All these […]

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Sansoft Web Analysis Tool – SEO

As you all know it is important to have your business website listed on 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing including other top search engines. Also, the SEO company is looking for many new trends to make their client’s website search engine friendly so as to bring more amount of traffic and generate more […]

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Interactive Marketing – Communicate With Your Customers

Interactive marketing refers to the evolving trend in marketing whereby marketing has moved from a transaction-based effort to conversation. Interactive Marketing allows customers and prospects to participate in the process of building brand image in a certain market or target group’s mind.

A brand that only communicates with its consumers via massive one-way media is having […]

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Social Networking – How Important it is?

Social networking is an online service, platform, or website which focuses on building social networks or social relationships among people who share common interests and activities. A social network service essentially consists of representation of each user, his/her social links and a variety of additional services.

Most social network services are web based and provide […]

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Strategies for Product Promotion

Product promotion is the act of advertising goods or services with short-term or long-term profit goal. Many companies use different strategies to promote products through a vast array of communication mediums. The most effective communication medium for a product depends upon its type. There is physical form and digital form of product promotion. Both of […]

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What is Online Marketing?

Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, web marketing or online marketing is a process of marketing the products over the Internet. Online marketing is considered broad in scope because it not only refers to marketing on the Internet but also includes marketing done via e-mail and wireless media. Digital customer data and electronic customer […]

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